The MMGM will be a world class Museum focused on preserving and exhibiting Maine mineral specimens, gemstones, and historical documents that tell the story of Maine's mining history.  Never before has this history been told in one place and this extensively.


A sampling of items from MMGM's collection.              Photos courtesy of J. Scovil

The MMGM exhibits will tell the complete story of mining, minerals, and gems; how minerals form, found, and mined; the historical and current industrial uses for minerals; and the art of cutting gems and creating jewelry.  This will be the world's most extensive collection, exhibits, and archival documents of Maine mining, minerals, and gems in one location.  Miner tours will allow a "start to finish" experience of this fascinating field.  The Museum store will allow visitors to own many of the types of Maine minerals and gems on display.  From simple and inexpensive gifts and souvenirs to spectacular, unique and custome designed and custom ordered items.

In addition, the MMGM will feature exhibitions of out of this world meteorites, fossils, and other minerals.

For the Museum's hours, directions, and general information, please click on the "Visit Us" tab. 

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